About Us


Mission Statement

St. Stephen’s is a welcoming, healing community who worship God in Christ, nurture people growing in faith, serve others with acceptance and love, invite people to share the joy of the spirit.

Ministers of St. Stephen’s

Rev. James P. Lapp, Pastor
Leslie Lapp, Church Administrator
Suzanne Duval, Director of Music
Gary Roberts, Director of Music
Jesse McMilin, Associate Musician
John Hopping, Custodian

Kathy Berens, Preschool Director

Church Council

Kent Madsen, President
Jay Johnston, Vice President
Lydia Abler, Secretary
Ron Buswell, Treasurer
David Balogh
Jeanette Dawson
Renee Rice
James Russell

St. Stephen’s Worship Band

Kirk McMilin
Rachel Blankenbiller
Sandi Crouser
Jay Johnston
Eli McMilin
Vi Olly
Nash Smith